Workshop Resources

Hello My Name is...

  • Step 1: Please download the PDF and use a PDF annotation tool to complete it.
  • Step 2: Please complete the Google Form (Dallas version).
  • Step 3: Please find a blank slide on the Google Presentation (Dallas version) and add the following (Name, Twitter Handle, Expertise). Expertise could be with a tool/tools (e.g. Thinglink or Padlet) or with a broader pedagogical concept (e.g. formative assessment, visible learning, flipped classrooms, etc...)

Let's Cross the Line...

  • Step 1: Play the Scatter game.
  • Step 2: Use the PDF version to "Cross District Lines" and discover teaching that is "above the line".
  • Step 3: Be Ready to discuss "what you notice" and "what questions you still have".

What SAMR Isn't...

Exploring the Evolution of SAMR...

  • Step 1: Explore the Various Models in the SAMR Model Gallery below
  • Step 2: Be Ready to Discuss and Reflect using the SEE/THINK/WONDER Visible Thinking Framework

See... Think... Wonder

Complete the following Visible Thinking Stem with a partner

  • What do you SEE?
  • What do you THINK about that?
  • What does it make you WONDER?

SAMR Model Gallery

SAMR Model Links

Unveiling S.A.S.S.Y. SAMR

  • Step 1: Explore each letter of the acronym within the interactive infographic
  • Step 2: Follow the numbered nubbins
  • Step 3: Be Ready to Reflect using the I USED TO THINK... Visible Thinking Framework

S.A.S.S.Y. SAMR 3.0

I Used to Think SAMR...

Complete the following Visible Thinking Stem using the Padlet board linked below.

  • "I Used to Think..." , "But Now I Think..."

Visual Note-Taking

SAMR SLAMR @braddo

Additional Resources