What true Les Miserables fans should know about the Broadway show!

                                                            Here are some basic facts:

                                             * The show is said in over 22 languages

                                             * The production has played in 42 countries and 319 cities

                                             * It has won over 100 theatre awards

                                             * There are over 47 different cast recordings

                                             *The show take place in France during the French Revlution

There are two main themes the show tries to convey. One of them is the importance of love and compassion. The other is social justice.

                         Biggest Productions

                            1. London

                            2. Australia

                            3. Broadway

                   Top Jean Valjean Performances

                     *Colm Wilkinson

                     *Ramin Karimloo

                     *Hugh Jackman

                   Best Renditions of the music

                     7. Sesame Street

                     6. Miley Cyrus

                     5. Glee Cast

                     4. Kristen Chenoweth

                     3. Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel

                     2. Peter Hollens

                     1. Nick Pitera

Many fans of different Broadway shows follow them. Here is a graph on the many different Broadway shows and how many fans support them on Facebook.

                         Memorable Quotes:  

*“I dreamed a dream of times gone by…”

*“One more dawn! One more Day! One day more!!!!!”

*“red, the blood of angry men! Black, the dark of ages past! Red, a world about to dawn. Black, the night that ends at last!"

*"I am reaching, but I fall. And the stars are dark and cold, as I stare into the void of a world that can not hold."

*"i know the meaning of those nineteen years a slave of the law!"

*"Do you hear the people sing?"

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