Sat Parkash Sharma - New York Construction and Design Executive

As president of Leverage Design Studio in Jackson Heights, New York, Sat Parkash Sharma provides clients with a host of architectural design consultation services. His experience spans commercial, multiuse, and residential properties. Sat Parkash Sharma has secured building permits at the municipal and county levels, and he has engaged with the Environmental Control Board in getting violations removed.

Mr. Sat Parkash Sharma has successfully expanded his company’s reach into Long Island by undertaking facade work and renovations on the area’s stately homes. His firm also is engaged in a Brooklyn project centered on a 10,000-square-foot medical facility. The construction of this building will increase property values and enable families in a densely populated neighborhood to access treatment in their local area.

He also has undertaken work on a Jackson Heights commercial building. The building comprises nearly 9,000 square feet of commercial space and has tenants ranging from designer apparel shops to a municipal drug rehabilitation program.