Satyrs Wanted!   

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Wanted for:

Crimes against the god Hera and not listening Dionysus.

Physical Description

The satyr is a half goat/half human. It also has two horns on his forehead.

First seen: These creatures were first seen in the fields as they humiliated soldiers.

Known Family Members: The Satyrs are believed to be sons of Hermes, although nobody is sure.

Caution: Satyrs are known for their mischief and riotousness. When attacked, they are known to grab people when they feel threatened.

Weaknesses: The satyrs are very vulnerable when it comes to aerial attacks.

First Seen: Satyrs were first seen in the fields in Greece. They traveled in groups with a satyr called "Silenus". The satyr are also companions of Dionysus, whom was seen with them.

Last Seen: Satyrs were last seen roaming the woods and the fields. There are more and they now roam in Greece and Rome. They live in the woods for protection and a carefree way of life.

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