Leyshka Mangual


Edmodo is an Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) website that is available to all students and teachers. It can also be installed on any smart phone as an app. In my opinion, Edmodo is on of the easiest ways to communicate with your students. Teacher's can post assignments and quizzes. Students can upload assignments for teachers to grade. Parents can also view their child's assignments and grades on Edmodo.


Remind is a safe and easy way for teacher's to message parents and students. It can be installed on any smart phone as an app. teacher's can use it to remind students and parents of up coming events. is an easy tool used to create colorful infographics and posters. They provide templates for you to use. Students can use it for projects and teachers can use it to help their students understand the lesson better.


Tackk is an easy tool used to make beautiful pages on the web. This can be used for posters, flyers, or blogs. students can use it as a creative way to do projects. Teachers can use it to help their students better understand what was gone over in class.


Inquiring and Analysing

Students will identify a problem that needs to be solved. They will analyze the need for a solution and conduct an inquiry into the nature of the problem.

Developing Ideas

Students create a design specification, which helps students develop a solution. They also present the solution in this step.

Creating the Solution

Students create the solution and follow the plan to create a prototype for testing and evaluation.


Students design tests to evaluate the solution, carry out those tests and objectively evaluate its success. Students identify areas that could be improved and explain how their solution will impact on the client or target audience.

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