The Mesopotamians were a very advanced society. For one they had job specialization. That means the technology was so good they did not need everyone working on the same thing. Potters created art, priests led the organized religion, traders traded goods from other cities. The technology increased more and more because of job specialization. To help potters they created a pottery wheel. To help farmers they created a plow. Farmers also created irrigation.

The Mesopotamians were the first to have a set of written laws. These laws were called Hammurabi's code.  In fact they were the first to have a system of writing. This was a huge development in technology. The first type of writing was called cuneiform. They also had pictographs. This is more proof that Mesopotamia is an advanced society.

The ancient Mesopotamians also had very organized religion. They believed in many gods otherwise known as polytheism. They worshiped gods such as: Ningal, Nanna, Inanna, Eniki, and Enlil. They built temples of worship to pray in. That was another development in technology, being able to build temples.