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Roll with IT

The Connected Student

1-9-90 Rule

  • 1% of students are actively creating information
  • 9% knows how to curate information - synthesis, systems of learning
  • 90% of students are simply consuming

What do you make of this? Comment in the section below.

Your Goals

Next year is OFFICIALLY your year to start integrating technology into your curriculum. Yes, I know you've already been "cheating on" phase 1 this year (you can't help it!), but instead of focusing on the technology itself, you will focus on your curriculum first. As you update your ITP, what will you add, change, revise, or delete to shift your focus?

Evaluating Tech Tools

Let's create a rubric. What are the criteria? How will you rate each tool?


Dust off your blog, or head to your favorite social media site. Complete this 3-2-1, and share it with the world:

  • 3 things you have learned with your TILT group this year
  • 2 questions you still have, or 2 things you still want to learn
  • 1 thing you are most excited about as you move forward

What's Next

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2 years ago

1-9-90: a couple of people are creating what some of the people are thinking about and most of the people are trusting to be true.

2 years ago

+giphy puppies

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