Mrs.Vande Hei's Newsletter
Jan. 12-16

This week, we were able to settle back in to a sense of normalcy. No late starts, but cold temps did keep us indoors for a few recesses. Being that Green Bay is in the headlines for the flu outbreak, please keep your child home if they are experiencing any signs of sickness in efforts to stop spreading this illness.


How can so many animals fit into one little mitten? Ask your child and they will tell you about the story of "The Mitten". This week we learned about the letter "M" and reviewed its sound. We also read non-fiction text and learned about main idea and details of an article. Ask your child to show you what they remember with their Scholastic News Article. We are continuing to review our reading strategies. We also started talking about the strategy of 'Chunky Monkey'. Now, we just have to remember to use these strategies when we come to words we don't know how to read. We also worked on sequencing again as this is an important skill they will use in retelling events.


Your child learned that there are many 3D shapes all around them. They just have to look! We finished making our class 3D book by looking in magazines for 3D shapes that are everywhere we look! We also strengthened our counting skills by advancing into counting by 5's! Later in the week, we spent time exploring different ways to sort objects. Your child learned that there are other ways to sort than just by color. Ask them about the ways that they sorted their objects in class!

Is it a Need? Is it a Want?

We all have things in life that we think we need, but in essence they are really just wants. Your child learned this week that the basic survival needs are food, water, shelter, and clothing. Without them, it would be tough to live. Everything else is just a want and we can do without it. We will be continuing to talk about needs and wants next week as well. Talk with your child about this at home so they really understand that the toy they "have to have" isn't a's just a want.

No Bullies

Students in Mrs. Zimmerman's life skills class focused on taking a stand to bullying. They talked about the difference between someone who is being mean and teasing or someone who is considered a bully. This is very hard for kindergarten children to understand and they will often say, "He or she is bullying me," when they are actually meaning that they are just being teased by someone. We have many great resources at school. If you would like more information please contact Mrs. Zimmerman.


Jan. 20th: Wear 20 Sweatshirt
Jan. 22nd: End of the 2nd Quarter; Book Orders Due
Jan. 23rd: No School
Jan. 24th: Dash for Cash at the Green Bay Gambler Game (7:05 pm)