Where We Are In Place and Time
Object: The Car

Why do you think it was invented?

The car was invented as a form of transport. This means that people could get somewhere faster and quicker.  Horses were slow and needed a rest.

How has this object changed?

There have been many changed to the car since it was first invented. It comes in many different colors, shapes and sizes for the different needs of different people and families. It has seat belts and air bags to keep us safer. It has a radio for us to listen to music and a navigation system to help us get to places we are not familiar with.

How does this object affect people's lives?

If we didn't have a car we could not get to school everyday. The car lets us visit the store to get supplies for our families. The car lets us visit our friends and families. The car enables us to take vacations to other states in America. The car helps mom and dad get to and from work quickly each day.

How might it change in the future?

In the future I think that cars will drive by themselves. We hop in and tell them where to go and they do all the work. Maybe they can travel in  on different surfaces like sand and water.  Cars will use environmental friendly fuel, so that they do not pollute our earth. They will know when to stop if an accident is about to occur.