Was It Worth It ?

Juliet belonged to the great capulet family. Juliet was born April 9 1895 and departed from us on December 15 2006. Juliet did not have any children. She was very honest,kind respectful, and loved to be happy and loved. Juliet meet her husband Romeo at a ball her family had. Juliet's did did not approve of Romeo because he was a Montague. Despite of their age difference they loved each other very much. Juliet and Romeo were married by Friar Lawrence. Juliet leaves behind her mother, father, nurse, and many others that loved her dearly. We will always love Juliet and keep her in our hearts.

Romeo was part of the Montague family. Romeo was in love with Rosaline, but she didn't return the love. When Romeo went to the capulet party he fell instantly in love with Juliet. Suddenly after he found out she was a capulet he went to her house. There is where they decided when they will get married and live happily ever after. Romeo and Juliet didn't have any kids. Romeo was born June 6 1790 and he departed from us March 13 2012. Juliet leaves behind his friends and family. He killed himself because he thought Juliet was dead and couldn't live without her.

We are here together for the lost of Mercutio. Mercutio was very outspoken, loving,caring, and loved to make people laugh. Mercutio was the cousin of Romeo. He was also a part of the Montague family. He was born January 5 1790 and died February 30 2012. Mercutio did not have any children or any brothers or sisters. Mercutio and Romeo where together when he died. He was tall and had curly blond hair. He was shoot by a capulet in a fight. People will remember mercutio because he liked to fight and always spoke his mind on anything he felt. He was about the same age as Romeo when he died.

We are here together today in loving memory of Tybalt. Tybalt was a great leader, friend, nephew and plenty more. Tybalt was part of the capulet family. Capulet was cool, funny, and always loved and tried to protect his family in any way. Tybalt was born on August 12 1999 and departed from us on February 2015. He was killed by a montague. It was really his fault he died because he always loved to fight. Tybalt owned a great big house and nice cars. He also had a lot of money and expensive guns. He truly will be remembered and loved.

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