United States Capitolism

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This photo symbolizes economic freedom, because we are given choices as consumers to make our own choices. Here, we can choose to buy either of the two shoe brands.

This photo symbolizes private property rights by showing a sign on a tree that tells us that the property is owned and private. We have freedoms to own and use our own property as long as other's rights are not interfered.

This picture symbolizes voluntary exchange, because we willingly buy and shop for products, and engage in market transactions. The sellers at stores also willingly sell products.

This photo symbolizes profit motive, because there is a driving force behind our actions that can encourage us to improve economic well-being. In this case, the man is carrying money as his profit motive.

This photo symbolizes competition, because two people are competing to win in an arm-wrestle, the same way that sellers compete to sell the best products at the lowest prices.

This photo shows a market that sells food, and is exchanged. In the same way, an economic market determines prices, and goods and services are exchanged.

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