Antigone Script

Sentry: I am out of breath from running,King, because everytime I want to come here and tell you i think of going back. But in the end I decided to come here and tell you. A voice kept saying “You’re walking into trouble” but another voice said “imagine if someone else gets the news to him first”

Creon: ...Get to the point

Sentry: You have to believe me i did not do it

Creon: I can’t blame you for something you have not said

Sentry: A horrible thing i dont know how to say it


Sentry: The dead man Polyneices, someone has buried him


Sentry: I don’t know, You must believe me! The ground was dry i didn’t see any signs of digging in the morning one of the corporals pointed to it then everyone started accusing each other and in the end we shot dice and I had bad luck.

Choragos: King? Could the gods have done this?

Creon: STOP! Are you insane? “the gods” why would the gods like this man he betrayed his city burned their temples. These Anarchists have bribed my own guard, My OWN Guard.

Sentry: May I Speak?

Creon: Your voice annoys me

Sentry: Its not what I say its what happened

Creon: You talk too much

Sentry: I didnt do anything

Creon: You sold your soul for money

Sentry: Its horrible when the right judge judges wrong

Creon: If you want your innocence find the person who did this.

Hayu Aliye, Abdi Jama, Hussein Adan

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