Valeria 7G

The reason i chose this photo is because Teamwork is like solving a puzzle and this photo shows 4 people helping each other solve a puzzle.   

here is my photo edited the effects i used are i made it black and white and i added a text that said team work in blue.

this is my next photo it shows a two dogs helping a cat reach for a can of food

this is my photo edited i changed the colour of the photo and i added a text saying teamwork in a hot pink colour.

this photo here shows a baby kitten helping a another kitten clime a fence i think this shows lots of teamwork

here is my edited photo i added a text in blue saying team work and i added some shade to mack the picture look darker.

this photo shows lots of man puling a rope together helping each other this photo shows lots of teamwork.

this is the photo edited i put shiny dots on the photo changed the colour and put a text saying team work in this really light brown colour.

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