How did soldiers communicate with their leader?
by: emilie pooler

this is what the pigeons would wear.
This picture shows a soldier sending a message from a vehicle..

They used dogs and pigeons to send messages. Dogs would be used for short distances, but pigeons would be used for longer ones. For example,some pigeons would travel 21 hours, but most of them who made that trip died the next day. Even though some got injured they kept going until they got to their destination. Finally when the war was over one thousand Pigeons had served and died.

How did the U.S. enter the war?

This is a picture of a boat sinking

The reason America got into the war is actually a series of events. In November a Italian liner was sunken. As a result 272 people died, and 27 of them were Americans. Finally Houstonic(American liner) was sunken by a U-boat, but luckily no one was on board. In February 22 1917 a $270 million dollar arms-appropriations bill was passed by congress, and it was made to make America ready for war. On April 2 president Wilson went to congress to declare war on Germany, and four days later his request was granted.

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