1990's Techno  Boom!

(A Historical fiction Story)

 It was August 30th, 1992 when my father was given a raise.. We lived in a very small condo. Are dad was mostly away from the house, working hard for a little extra money so when he came back home every 2 weeks, he had some good news. Today was different, though. This was the first big news that we had heard since we found out about our baby brother Graham.

     My family was not the average family that went to school and became some important person. My mom didn't work because she was always busy taking care of us. My dad was a normal dad, but was not getting the job done at work, and would fall back and never make enough money. My sister was a snob. She expected everything to be handed to her, and when we did actually get a chance to go to school, she would just throw it away by being hubris, would get horrible grades, and hang out with the wrong group of kids. Finally, I was just the kid that no one really looked at to have a nice future. Yes, I would do better than my sister most of the time, but honestly, the more I try to make them happy, the more they expected from me. My name is Harrison, and my sisters name is Grace. When we wanted to, we could get whatever we wanted, but we both had to be in on it. We could do anything working together, and nothing working alone. The problem was, my sister didn't really want my help, and that's why she is the snob of the house. The entire family was on the verge of living in a shack, until today.

Today was the day my dad got the raise that would change our family forever. He worked for the Technology organization, and got a lot of work done to help them that couldn't have been done by anyone else but his friend and his partner, but was paid slim to none for how much he was always working. This raise was different though. His good work had been seen by a man who had come to advise his work. The only reason this is happening is because of the mans recommendation. Now its up to my dad to achieve that raise. The only problem was that we would be going to Germany with no car, and only enough money to get on a plane thanks to all of my dads savings for himself, and whoever else wanted to go's savings as well. He said "I've gotten a very important raise. This will change our lives dramatically if we take the opportunity, but I'm afraid some of you will not like the idea. To gain my raise and become co-owner of one of the very few technology stores, I must move to Germany." Germany was a long way away from our home town Tuscaloosa, Alabama. So long that we would cross an ocean. I had a feeling that my mom wasn't in on it. If my mom wasn't in on it, my sister wasn't, and that means the baby is staying, too. My dad was looking for someone to go with him, and the only one that had a decent option was me.

     I had to go with my dad, but it would be a hard trip with no food, and we couldn't spend any of our plane money. It was going to be the most risky choice I had ever made, and really, the only choice that actually made an impact on my future. of course, he was leaving tomorrow. I was going with him no matter what my mom and sister had to say about it.

That night I could hardly sleep while thinking about it. What would we come up against? Would we walk to the airport? No no. That would be silly. We would have to get a ride. Maybe find someone willing to drive us. What would we do when we got to Germany? We would have to get to Munich. That's where it was located. The worst part would be learning the language. I had to stop thinking about the questions, and start focusing on the answers. It would be the first time I've ever been on a plane of course. Nothing bad could happen up there at the price they make you pay. It was all on tomorrow. All I had to do was get a nice sleep.




    I overslept.

    I sprang out of bed faster  than a bullet, and put on all my clothes along with another set of clothes I would keep tucked in my shirt. Hearing my mom say bye made me run even faster as I ran out of the kitchen door and yelled as loud as I could. "I'm Ready to go !!!" I new that if I were any later, my mom wouldn't let me catch up to him. It was now or never.

     "Don't be silly Harrison, you need to stay here and help out around the house. Like he would even need you anyways."

     "This is my only way to escape always being the kid no one cares about, or pays attention to. What would I become if I stayed? Your Maid?" That must have gotten her good. Her face was completely red, and I was ready to take off with dad with a victory over her when my sister spoke up.

     "Harrison. Out of all the stupid things you have done, this is the stupidest. You're useless around the house, and will be useless around Dad. Just another mouth to feed. Don't waste Dad's only other plane ticket on yourself."

     "You are the only waste in this family. You do nothing to support anyone, and sit around like you are queen crap. Staying with you is a waist of time, so I'm leaving."Yes, that might have been a little mean now that I think about it, but it worked! "Dad, may I please come with you?"

     "Come on, son. We will talk about how we are going to get there when we get to Germany, but for now we gotta get away from home, and start getting a move on." That was a relief. A big one.  




     We had made it to the main street, about 10 or 15 miles away from the nearest airport, and it was time to get a lift. We got to one of the exits, and waited for people heading towards the airport. I realized that I was probably a lot of help for my dad because the average person would leave a young man out there, but a young man with a kid, you just can't leave behind. After about 30 minutes, we had found someone. It was a nice lady, a little old, heading to the airport to go to Chicago. She was very nice to us, and loved to here our story. She wished my dad good luck on his future job, and we were there in little time. The first thing we did was go to a man who was selling tickets. We gave him literally everything we owned. It almost felt weird doing something so stupid, and I thought really hard to myself. Was this really worth it? Yes, it had to be. We got to a line with two men in front, taking tickets, approving them, and showing whoever was in line where there flight was. He told us where we were going, how long it would take, and where we would land. It all sounded perfect, except for the time. on average, this airplane ride would take 12 hours. Thankfully, the plane was taking us to the exact city in Germany we had to go. Munich was going to be a place I would have to adapt to.

When we arrived on the plane, we got to work on the language. In fact, we probably annoyed some other people riding, we did it so much. We didn't learn the entire language, but I learned the average. We told each other that we would talk in German, just to get better at it for the future. I tried to take a nap, and of course, that didn't work. In fact, me and my dad both stayed up all night, and even did a little more practice on harder, more uncommon words in German. The people who were kind of like waiters gave us lots of food, and me and my dad stuffed ourselves, knowing we wouldn't get to eat for a while. I showed off to him by telling him I was full in German. He said something back, that I thought was, "Me, too," but I wasn't really sure, because right after that, the waiter came by, and he ordered another huge meal. Thankfully, the plane tickets we got came with all the free food, because if not, we would've been paying at least 300$ or more. My dad was also doing a little secret work while I was trying to sleep. I peeked with one eye, and saw what looked like a device he was trying to make. It was small, but it looked like it had a lot of technology behind it. I quickly opened both eyes and asked, "Hey, what are you working on?" I was hoping he wouldn't try and hide this from me, and I didn't think he would.

     "It's something I've been working on for a while now. I explained the idea to the man who came to watch me, and he thought it would be huge if I achieved my goal for that. After I found out he was coming, I didn't tell anyone else about it. Doing all this behind work got me wonders, and here I am now." Wow. This device was the reason we were going. I couldn't believe it. Our future was on that device being a success, and dad had to make it perfect.

     "That's amazing! You must make this great. Please tell me more about what it will do? When I saw the picture, I thought it was just another phone design. How will it work"

     "Well, it is another phone design, I just put a little extra into it. It can take screenshots of what you see on the screen, as well as call people. The most important feature I added to this was texting. Instead of calling someone, you can type the letters, and send it as anything. Basically, it takes the long time of calling someone into just asking or telling by typing letters. It will also have these things called Icon. This was the best I could come up with. I promise that you will be the first one to test it out, and when I get one, I will have many replicate it in my organization."

     "Wow. This is really going to work! Have you started?"

     "Actually yes. It is one of the very few things I brought with me. I'm about half way done. I'm only working on a little extra by writing out what it will look like. Wanna see what it will look like with out all the technology added yet?"

     "Sure." I kind of expected him to grab a piece of paper, but he really showed me a design that he had made. The design was obviously done, all he needed was the thing that he was amazing at, and that was technology. "That's amazing. How do you plan on adding technology to it?"

     "Same way I always do it. I figure it out while I'm doing it. Haha." This answer was usual from my dad. "Let's get ready  to go to sleep. I'm tired, and think it might actually be possible to get sleep on these things." He looked around at everyone and I followed his head. Everyone around us was either asleep, or awake because we were so loud. I tried not to laugh at the people who were ticked off, but I couldn't help myself.

     "Night Night dad, see ya in the morning," He didn't respond but made a heart out of his hands and laid down in the chair. I sat there, and let time fly by. All the way up until we were in Germany.

     "Well dad, you got a map of where we're going? If not, I think we're screwed."

     "Of course I do. Just not with me. We have to find one outside. There might be one on the corner of a block."

     "Do you at least know what way we are headed?"

    "Yes, at least I know that. Lets get a move on. Don't want to spend the night on the street. At least I don't think. Still don't know how bad the new place will be." He carried his small sack with him, as I carried mine. We walked around the street until we got to a public town about 3 or 4 miles from the airport. There had to be directions here, even if they were in German. We walked another block and found one. They had it in German, but me and my dad could still read it. The shop was close. Not long till my dad to get to work and start investing on homes. I assumed he wanted me to help out a little with the home, but all I wanted was something simple like our old home for 3, even though it held more than 4 all the time. For now, we would find out a way to stay in the shop. The one thing that my dad also brought that took up most of the space in his bag was a blow-up mattress. He was used to sleeping on this, but I don't know how he planned to fit him and me on it at the same time. The directions on the map were perfect, and we walked about 3 more blocks and were there. I was definitely going to want a house close to work. We wouldn't need a car. Dad got paid once every 2 weeks, and could get bonuses for his work if he did enough.

     We arrived at the new place, and were greeted by a man who thought we were customers until my dad told him. He asked in German if the man knew how to speak English. Of course, it was a no. At least my dad wouldn't have to talk to many people, but he still really needed to learn more on the language. My dad told him he was the new co-owner of the store. I think he must have gotten a few words wrong, but the man understood that he was the co owner, and that was all that really mattered. They shook hands and the man said something back that I totally didn't understand, but my dad did. He had to have done a little practice before we got on the plane. There was no way he did that much within 12 hours. We settled in the room in the back, and dad immediately got to work without question. He was really dying to finish this project and show it off. In fact, I think he forgot about me, because I was sitting here clueless about what to do.

     "Dad, You need help with anything?"

     "Yes, actually. Do you have any ideas or comments on how to make it any better? He handed me the phone that he must have worked on while in the plane. It was finished. Everything worked on the screen. I slid my finger along the screen, and the screen went with me onto a second screen with more options. I'm pretty sure that my dad created one game on there just for me, and that was tic-tac-toe. I clicked on the Icon, and it popped up a tic-tac-toe board and had an option for multiplayer or single player against the iPod. I clicked on multiplayer and handed it to my dad. He took the first turn. I was so happy.

     "Dad. This is amazing! How are you going to get people to recognize it?"

     "Well, I'm going to give it to the post office, they are going to give it to the owner of my old store, he will test it out, see its amazing, and make a commercial about it. He will send replicas back to me, I do the same thing here, and we become rich with money they use here. When we return to the U.S everyone will recognize us for the design, and we will be millionaires in 2 countries. "

     In two years time, it was all done. He had done it. Created the greatest invention, and was starting on so much more. We were back in the U.S now. We were creating what is now called an iPad. We were also working on improved computer, and different types of iPhones. I had followed in my dads footsteps, and it has led me to where I am now. One day I will become as great as my dad, but for now, I'm going to live the life my dad earned for me. My mom, sister, and baby still live at the same house. We never returned to that old house. We settled in a mansion close to work. We still never owned a car.

                                                       THE END



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