Come on in.....

Hey guys!!

My name is Sheunopa (Sha-no-pa), I'm from Indianapolis, IN and I am a very proud Indiana University Bloomington Hoosier. I'm currently majoring in Informatics with a minor and cognate in Public Health. I love the educational path that I am on and I am ever so excited to see where it is taking me and trust me, I can talk all day about Informatics. I'm trilingual. I am originally from Zimbabwe but I was born in Italy. My family has been all about travelling since before I was even born. I've been all over. My recent trip was in December when me an my family went to Cape Town, South Africa. It was AMAZING. Words can't even explain. I've uploaded a few pictures so please feel free.

During my time, at IU I have been involved in various extra curricular activities because I believe good grades and stellar GPA is not enough to make one into a well rounded individual. I don't quite like to be idle for to long. Along with extra curricular activities, I have held two internships; one with the IU Simon Cancer Center and another with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. I don't quite like to be idle for too long. There's a world of opportunities waiting to be found. I've lived a very great....no... BLESSED life and I owe it all to my faith. I'm a proud Christian and it's through God that I believe I have been where I have been, I am where I am, and I will be where I will be.

Anyway let me not chit chat away, I definitely love meeting new people so please reach out. Toodles!! :)

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