Indigenous Perspective

For my blog I am going to reflect on a poem about by Anita Heiss called 'I'm not racist but...', it is about Aboriginals still experiencing racism. I chose this poem as I can see it from a different perspective of what she is thinking, there is racism, sexism and discrimination everywhere you go. The perspective that she is coming from is saying that Australians do not treat aboriginals equally and that she is saying that every Australian is a racist. I do not agree with this.

All though it is quite interesting what she has said and where she sees Aboriginals in society but Australians are very cautious about racism towards Aboriginals now and there has been a dramatic drop in racism in our society I believe, it has got to a point where there is a bit of reverse racism which means that people may be more lenient towards the Aboriginal and may crack down harder on the white person.

This Australian experience that Anita Heiss has had can definitely offer views for the society and the world in stamping out racism and just making everyone equal no matter the circumstances , make everyone have the right to what they own, make sure everyone follows the rules and gets punished the same as others, this will go a long way to making our world a better and especially making Australia a better place for all. After all Aboriginals were here first so they need to be respected the same as everyone else.