Dewey:The Library Cat

By: Brittany Pickle

This is Dewey the library cat. He's is an orange tabby cat.

Dewey: The Library Cat is about someone who put a cat it the library book drop. And a girl named Vicky saved he he could have died, but Vicky saved him from freezing. But one day in the story Dewey got sick and had to be put down I started crying. It was really sad especially, because I love cat. It a long book but it is worth reading it all. It took me about 3 day to read it.So it shouldn't take you long to read. Well because I was grounded because I failed reading. But I was glad I got grounded I found my favorite book to read.

This is Vicki Myron website if you want to read more about Dewey: The Library Cat. It is worth reading so try this book it will make you cry.

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3 years ago

that was good Brittany!! The video of Dewy was just so sad.