John Cabot

By Irene Hao 4-402


    Christopher Columbus and John Cabot have a lot in common. They were both born in Liverpool, England in 1405 and they both mistaken the Native Americans with American Indians. It was no surprise that John Cabot grew up enjoying making maps, navigating, and hoped for one day to set sail. This was just the beginning of John Cabot's dreams. He, will soon someday become one of the most memorable explorer, right after Christopher Columbus.

Life Before Sailing

     Guilo Caboto was Cabot's father. He was a merchant that sells spice. In 1474, Cabot married a girl named Mattea. They had three sons named, Ludovico, Sancto, and Sebaistiano. Saebaistiano also wanted to be an explorer like his father, John Cabot. He sailed a few times after his father, John Cabot died (lost at sea).

     When John Cabot was a young man, he moved to Venice. He wanted to exploror new lands and he  was a great navigator. While he was in Venice, he heard sailors telling tall tales about the adventures they went on. Cabot soon wanted to find a faster route to Asia, just like Christoper Columbus. This was just the beginning of Cabot's career as an explorer.


Prepare To Set Sail

    When John Cabot moved back to England in 1484, he became famous for making maps and charts. He still dreamed of set sailing to the "New World." He asked King Henry VII for permission and a ship to set sail to the "New World." King Henry VII refuses to do what he says. And with that, Cabot felt so disappointed, but he still makes maps and charts ofthe "New World."

   On May 2, 1497, King Henry VII finally agreed to help him. Everyday he had been for this moment! His ship was called The Matthew. He had made many maps and charts about the world. Many people knew him for his skill in making maps and charts.

Land of India (or not)

    On June 24, 1497, he saw a piece of land and thought it was India. He actually landed to a place we believed called Newfoundland or parts of Canada. He made the same mistake as Christopher Columbus. He called the Native American as American Indians.

Returning To England

    When John Cabot returned to England and told King Henry VII about what he had discovered.King Henry VII was so impressed he gave him a lot of money. Some say he had so much money that he was the first billionaire in England.

We Rock At Sailing!

    After his first voyage, John Cabot went on many other trips to Newfoundland and Canada's coastline. He was always on the lookout for a Northwest Passage to Asia. The Northwest Passage is a route that can go right through North America. Of course, there wasn't even one. Many explorers after him also tried to find the Northwest Passage and no one was sucessful. One time, one of his sons, Saebaistiano, went on a voyage with him and he came back unharmed!

Bye, Bye Cabot!

    On 1498, Cabot set sail again with 5 ships with him! But he never came back, nor the people on the other ships. Many people believed that he was lost at sea. After he was lost at sea, his son, Saebaistiano, started sailing, following his father's footprints. Cabot was a great explorer that discover Canada, Newfoundland, maybe even more.


    John Cabot was a great explorer who discover Canada and Newfoundland and tried to find the Northwest Passage and had a son who followed his footprints all to the interests of sailing. Everyone remembered him for the sailor right after Columbus sailed. If you don't know him, well now you do. I hope you find him fascinating and interesting as much as I do.

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