Secret Service Project

       “Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” - Mark Twain. “ No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted” - Asop

These famous quotes really tell us how powerful that little bit of kindness that you show

someone goes a long way. No matter how small, it makes a difference.

       The project that Mrs. Allen assigned my 6th grade class in called SSP ( Secret Service Project) the challenge was to do one nice thing for someone every day of the week. As you can tell from the chart above we really aren’t prepared to help with money but our comfort to help the elderly or a stranger is surprising. I personally helped my brother with the trash, cleaned my living room without my mom knowing, did the dishes, walked my dog , did my brothers chores, smiled at 3 random people, and cleaned the bathroom for my brother.

       It Impacted me in that I learned that you can do little things to help people rather than trying to achieve world peace or going on a quest to stop all wars. It also impacted the people that I helped since it encourages them to pass it on/shows them that they don’t have to put an enormous amount of effort into helping people in little ways. These little acts of kindness can really make someones day!

       My final opinion about this topic is that if we all did these things our world would be theoretically perfect. Just imagine if the majority of this world just was kind to everyone . . . if everyone was truly equal and we all pitched in to make earth the planet of kindness then our world would be truly paradise.


This shows that even though they cat and the parrot are two different animals they can still get along as friends.

In this picture the zebra and the lion are getting along and really setting and example for us humans. If we could forget our differences imagine how the world would be today. It would be virtually perfect.

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