Movie Trailer

This is the 2013 movie trailer to The Great Gatsby. I believe that this is not a good trailer and that it gives away too much of the plot. Generally, the movie will only use clips from the beginning third or fourth of the movie, however this movie used clips from the entire movie and had scenes from the very end. It did, however give a good idea of the plot line. It showed a short glimpse from all the most dramatic scenes in the movie and came off as very intriguing. It gave out a general feel that the movie is dramatic based on the chosen music and scenes. By using the scenes from the whole movie, however, it gave a wider range of all the feelings depicted in the movie (dramatic, fun, serious.) I think it would have been more successful if they hadn't given away who Gatsby was and maybe showed less pictures and had more of the characters talking.

Movie Poster

This poster for the movie 17 Again is a very good visual representation for the plot. The white background makes everything stick out, especially the red "17." It grabs your attention with the quote "Who says you're only young once?" while giving a great idea of the movie because you can see a middle-aged work-mans clothes on the floor and young, hot, Zach Efron walking away from them. It implies that he was 17, grew up, and then became 17 again. It appeals to a lot of people also because grown ups are interested in what it would be like to become 17 in this generation and it appeals to teenagers because they want to see people their parents age fail at being a teen nowadays (and also because Zach Efron is in it.) Also, it makes the less important things light grey and barely visible, whereas the date of release is in red and very noticeable. All the colors coordinate very well, and after seeing the movie myself, I agree that this is a very accurate depiction of the movie.

Marketing Strategies

I think that there are three good marketing strategies for TV shows. The main one is TV commercials. Americans these days watch a lot of TV and a commercial is a sure way to reach out to a wide audience. An even better idea would be to advertise your show on a different channel so it would reach a lot of people. Another strategy would be social media. The show could interact with fans by giving away merchandise, having contests, having meet and greets, and having survey questions. Finally, the third strategy would be radio ads. Some people spend a lot of time in the car and I believe it would be an effective marketing strategy. Over all, radio, TV, and social media are the best ways to reach a wide audience

Music Careers Without a Label

I think a music artist could make it without a label. With things like Youtube and Soundcloud, artists are more able to write, record, and sell their own music. For example, Justin Bieber started by making videos on Youtube that eventually got popular. He did sign with a label, but I think he could have done it by himself. You can't sell music on Youtube, but you can get your name out and it can lead to other things such as small concerts and maybe selling merchandise. On Soundcloud, however, you can sell your music to anyone in the world. You might not make billions, but you could at least make something. Technology allows artists to record their music at a pretty high quality; high enough to be played for others. In conclusion, I believe that if you worked hard enough you could make it in the music industry without a label.

Movie Distribution Changes

The way movies are distributed are way different now than they used to be. You used to have to go to the movies to see the desired movie. Later in time, you could get the movies on VHS tapes and you could even rent them. Now you can rent DVDs, stream movies online, watch movies off of apps like Netflix, and even rent DVDs from a RedBox. I think movie industries need to be really careful nowadays because it has gotten really easy to pirate movies and even illegally watch them online. They need to be careful in the way that they distribute them. They can't, however, sell them in VHS form. I think that the best way to distribute movies is online to buy. Once you buy it online, you can watch it on your phone, TV, computer, or tablet. It is the most effective way to sell movies. Also, it eliminates the cost of the packaging and shipping to both the company and the customer. There will always be people who steal them offline, but that will happen no matter what.

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