Ella Watson
cattle Kate

Ella liddy Watson also known by cattle Kate


Ellen Liddy Watson July 2, 1860 was a pioneer of Wyoming who became better known as Cattle Kate, a post-claimed outlaw of the old west



ella Watson and her husband did not have children. She the  eldest of ten surviving children, Watson helped at home and attended school, learning to read and write in a small one-room building. she was the daughter of Thomas Lewis Watson and Francis Close, who married the next year on May 15, 1861, in Grey County, Ontario.


With her savings, Watson bought cattle from emigrants on the trails.She fenced about 60 acres of her land with barbed wire, but this would not have been enough grazing area for her small herd. In this era, many ranchers grazed their cattle on public land. In 1872, about two dozen of the cattlemen with the largest ranches banded together to create the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA) to protect their rights to the open rangeThe land claimed by Watson and Averell controlled 1 mile (1.6 km) of water along Horse Creek.[10] A neighbor, the powerful cattleman Albert John Both well, made several offers to buy Watson and Averell's land from them. They repeatedly declined.she was known of a pioneer of Wyoming accused of cattle rustling by powerful cattleman.


Ella Watson was hanged in july 20, 1889, Natrona County, WY

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