Welcome to the Piedmont

By: Taylor and Hannah

Look at this beautiful day in Piedmont Park located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Come visit the Piedmont Region located in Central Georgia. The Piedmont is the most populated region in the state of Georgia , so there's bound to be something to build or look at.


Your business would thrive in the Piedmont Region.  The Piedmont attracts many tourists to Atlanta, GA because of the beautiful scenery, the many attractions such as Six Flags, or  Stone Mountain and the world's largest aquarium . The Piedmont Region also has the world's busiest airport. Your business would be more successful if you relocated your business to the Piedmont located in Georgia.

The World of Coca Cola in Atlanta.


The Piedmont attracts many tourists because of georgias warm temperate climate, so you wont be cold at all during winter because the tempature doesn't drop very much. You can wear shorts from April to October because of our climate. Want to enjoy a day at a theme park go to one of our many parks. You may not even have to bring a jacket. Six Flags over Georgia is one of our many attractions here in the Piedmont.

A night at the ball game at Tuner Field located in the Piedmont.

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