We all feel it

Sadness is a thing all living people have.  We as people will always have sadness.  People have sadness from a variety of things from, teens being sad because  of a break up with another person, or parents scared they are going to lose every thing they have.  we all know sadness.  All people in the world know whether from past experiences or from whats happening in their lives now. Sadness is not bad but its good to look up, take a deep breath, and put everything in that dark corner of your brain.  My sadness comes from the way the world is now.  Watch this video so i can show you what i mean.

The world is coming to an end.

This man has the same sadness as me.  Every single thing he says is true.  From medication to teens to technology.  This has inspired me to make this as an article for inspiration...           The path to a new beginning starts within you...   what will you do?

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2 years ago

Sadness not a good feeling...