Quest 1 What is the cloud?

The cloud would help me by taking away the worry of losing my flash drive.I don't really care about the privacy concern problem.I would not store any of my photos up there,(I don't take pictures of me or my family).If people actually get to my cloud then they would only find info about history or other projects.They might already know all of that that.The cloud would also help by basically caring around a piece of plastic that weighs around a gram.Pretty help full.The cloud would be useful for things that I don't really care if other people see it.It would help me by so I can have my video games on the cloud and I will be able to play anywhere I want.If was to have a book  full of pictures then I would just put it on the cloud and hope that other relatives had their devices so I can show it to them on the cloud.In conclusion it would be really helpful.

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