The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Antoine Gallegos

Before i started the Gardener i thought the book was going to be about,a guy looking for his dad that he never known.

Autotroph- self feeders

Photosynthesis-When plants use sunlight to make it's own food.

Heterotroph- An organism deriving it's nutrition requirements from complex organic substance

Evolution- change over time.

While we were reading the gardener some people had some questions here's what they were.Why does she wake up when the DVD passes that one part she wakes up because TroDyn has books for certain people and one line wakes them up another puts them to sleep.

Is the father the gardener. yes and the  first human autotroph

this picture is kind of an example of person but not really a real one a autotroph

The setting in melby falls of the story i melby falls we know that's were he gos to school there and TroDyn is were all the drama happens and Portland has a woods.

In my opinion i think human experimentation is wrong because god made us in his image so to change the way we are that is wrong.

Climate change and global warming is a problem because then we can't grow food naturally.

What is food crisis ,and why is it a problem it is were the poor do not have any food to eat in different parts of the world,why is it a problem kid are dying every day with out food and going to sleep every day with a hungry stomach.

Connecting food crisis with climate change.OK well i think that climate change the food crisis is we don't grow food for ex:they say it is not good when we have freezes it kills the food.Climate change is the overall temperature of the earth and freezes can kill the food but so can extremely hot temperatures.


We also saw a video by prince e.a. dear future generations sorry and what think he was telling us is we messed up towards out kids and more another part is he is saying to stop and do some thing about it.

In both future generations and the gardener they talk about the world coming to end and nothing left or no food.

In the story the gardener their is a butterfly and it is called the karner blue.It is from Miller beach,Indiana,eastern Minnesota,Michigan,and New York.They are going extinct because their environment's are being taken over by wild fires.

Why the karner blue is important in the book it represents the autotrophs

The seventh generation is the one who have to suffer for what we have done to the earth this is important in both topics because they are saying we need to realize what is right for us, and earth,the futuer

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