Comma rules

#commas rule

Rule#1 - When seperating phrases that don't need to be there.

Example-  My dog,Dave, is awesome.

Rule#2- When linking two independent clauses with a conjunction.

Example- I really want to go swimming, but my sister wants to go to the park.

Rule#3-When your addressing someone in particular.

Example- Let's go somewhere, Dad.

Rule#4-When making a list.

Example-Make sure to get bread, apples, bananas, and milk.

Rule#5- When you have more than on adjective modifying a noun.

Example-Your a smart, wonderful kid.

Rule#6-After introductory phrases or clause.

Example-Once we are done eating, we will eat dessert.

Rule#7- Dates

Example-March 10, 2003

Rule #8- The ending of a letter.

Example- From, Carson

Rule#9- Geographic locations

Example- I live in Cumming, Georgia