Don Johns motivations

"There is no measure in the occasion that breeds. Therefore the sadness is without limit."- Don John

                 All I ever wanted was

To fit in with everyone

To be treated like my brother

To mess with everyone

To ruin people's lives

To make others as miserable as I am

But I didn't want

To be mistreated

To be a bastard

For Borachio to talk

To get caught

To get thrown in jail


cHaracter development

Don John doesn't really change, but really the only way he changes is by become more of a jerk than before. He is know as a bastard for a reason because he is one. Don John gets so into his jealousy that he pushes to far and ruins a wedding, which he personally enjoyed doing but his plan back fired because he ended up going to jail at the end of the book and movie "Much do bout Nothing".

Impact on plot and theme

Don John ruins Hero's and Claudio's relationship by having Borachio and Margret make love on Hero's porch at night. He still doesn't get anyone to love him because all he wants to do is ruin everybody's love life.

"If i see anything tonight why i should not marry her, tomorrow in the congregation, where i should wed, there will i shame her"-Claudio

"Fie, fie, they are not to be named, my lord, not to be spoke of! There is not chastity enough in language, without offense, to utter them.---thus, pretty lady, i am sorry for thy much misgovernment."-Don John

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