'Loot' Book Progect

By: Sam

I read the book loot by Jude Watson and here is my review.

I would recommend this book to a friend because it is very interesting, it has lots of action, an it is extremely suspenseful.

The story takes plays in New York City, near and in the museum. The main characters are March and Jules, then the supporting characters are Dareus, Izzy, Oscar, and Mike Shannon. March is telling the story.

There are three very important events in the book loot

First March and Jules get an offer, if they get the seven magic moonstones in a week then they will get seven million dollars. Next, the lady who gave them the offer told them they are going to die, holding hands, in less then a week. The last event is when they steal the moonstones from Oscar, Mike Shannon, and the dog.

At first , March's dad (Alfie) dies, then his twin sister that he never knew about comes and says I'm your sister come I have friends waiting. Next, they get trapped in a limousine and get the offer for seven million dollars for seven moonstones, and find out their cursed. They find out that the moonstones can reverse the curse. They go and steal the moonstones from Oscar, Mike Shannon, and the dog. Finally, they get all of the moonstones and the curse is reversed. They then find a diamond the size of a hand.

The main idea of "Loot" is to show kids on a crazy adventure with lots of excitement and suspense.

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