Edible Thursdays
Edible Cleveland & The Agrarian Collective

Thursday, April 17th
@ The Boston Township Townhall

The arrival of the locavore movement has inspired many of us to return to the lost skill of foraging. We head out into the woods in search for our edible harvest. We seek the wild and untamed.

Wild plants have more of kick then the cultivated ones, more of a story and adventure. They incorporate the sweet and tart at the very same time. And while so many of the plants outside our back door are edible we search for those that taste good.

But, scouting the forest is vastly different than that of the local grocery store. It requires a trained eye and understanding of what’s edible and what is not.

Join us for an Edible Thursday when we explore the lost skill of foraging. From ramps and fiddle-head ferns to morels and garlic mustard. Join us for a night of conversation, tasting and story telling. You will be guided through easy ways to prepare these sought after spring delights, as well as various preservation suggestions; while given tips and identification of common local plants that you should be eating now. Join us for a cocktail and stay for the conversation and food.