Religious Conflicts in Myanmar

The conflict in Burma which involves two religious groups; Buddhist and Muslims has grown into even bigger problems over the years. The riots began after 10 ethnic-Rohingya Muslims were mobbed and murdered by ethnic Rakhines, in retaliation for the gang-rape of a Rakhine girl. Rakhine Buddhists are the states largest minority which over looks on the Rohingya Muslims since they are only 4% of the country's population. Buddhist has taken matters into their own hands by settings fire to 500 homes and mosks across the nation, killing innocent people. This act is quite unusual for Buddhist monks, since their known to keep to themselves and not be involved much to the outside world, " the good guys of religion". This conflict will continue until both parties, especially the Buddhist, since they're the majority to stop the rioting and go back to the peaceful people they are known to be.

The face of Buddhist terror


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