All of the Stars

"It's just another night, and I'm staring at the moon. I saw a shooting star and thought of you..."

The soulful voice of Ed Sheeran graced the whole theater as the credits of the tear-jerking movie 'The Fault in Our Stars' rolled on. Only having gone to the movies for every Marvel movie, it was a habit for me to stay inside the movie theater until the credits are over. I sat silently as I discreetly watched the people slowly make their way outside while listening to every lyric of the song in the background.

"I sang a lullaby by the waterside and knew if you were here, I'd sing to you..."

Being a huge fan of music and Ed Sheeran himself, I focused on the song and tried to understand the lyrics, thinking of a story behind it. A story unrelated to the film I just watched.

"You're on the other side as the skyline splits in two. Miles away from seeing you..."

Weirdly enough I imagined two people from the opposite sides of the world looking through their window sills. They look across the distance and think of each other. It was an amazing sentiment, for two people to think of one thought without both of them knowing. It's both magical and heartbreaking.

"But I can see the stars from America, I wonder, do you see them too?"

He counted the twinkling lights and wished upon every single one. She can't see the stars, but she could feel them. She closed her eyes and thought of them and she stared at them and he was there with her.

"So open your eyes and see the way our horizons meet and all of the lights will lead into the night with me..."

In cue, she opens her eyes feels disappointed. She wished he materialized in front of her, like he usually did, but she knew it was impossible. She had to remind herself that he was at the other side of the world far away from her as earthly possible. He stares into the stars again and sighs in exasperation. He vowed he'll come back to her, no matter how long it takes.

"And I know these scars will bleed but both of our hearts believe all of these stars will guide us home."

She didn't hear him but she knew he'll come back. She prays for his soul and smiles to herself. She vowed to wait, no matter how long it takes. He didn't hear her too, but he knew she would wait for him. He stands up, believing in them, in their love. He walks back to his camp where all his fellow soldiers lay sound asleep and just before he enters he hears a gun shot and his body went cold. And the last thing he saw was all of the stars.


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