Georgia Booley...

My name is Georgia Booley, I'm fourteen years old, I was born on the 16-09-1998 at Geelong Private Hospital.  My hobbies include playing sport, hanging with friends, listening to music and going shopping! My interests include watching movies, playing on my iPhone and eating food! 

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The original developers of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator were Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myer; these two, having studied extensively the work of Jung and  turned their interest of human behavior into a devotion of turning the theory of psychological types to practical use

My Myers Briggs Type Indicator showed that I’m an ESFJ (Extravert, Sensing, Feeling and Judging)

My Myers Briggs Type Indicator tested for what personality type you are! I wasn't surprised with  my results because i knew that my personality type was like that. My personality is the type that is out going, fun, sociable, talkative and organized. We're a people-person, we love to help others with their problems.

Types Of People

11–14% ISTJ
9–14% INFJ
1–3% INTJ
2–4% ISTJ
4–6% ISFP
5–9% INFP
4–5% INTP
3–5% ESTP
4–5% ESFP
4–9% ENFP
6–8% ENTP
2–5% ESTP
8–12% ESFJ
9–13% ENFJ
2–5% ENTJ

Future Prefrences 

For my future job, I'd like to be a teacher and surprisingly that was on the top of the list! I have only recently decided on what I want to be, and this test helped me! I love working with kids, as the oldest grand-child on both sides, I have grown up with kids practically my whole life! Some of the other preferences are; Nursing, administrators, child care,  office managers, social work and administrative assistants.

Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator

The Herman Brain Dominance Indicator is claimed to measure and describe thinking preferences in people. It was created by William Hermann.


My results  showed that I was red which pretty much means, you talk to much. Also they show that I'm a visual learning which means I like to see an example before i go ahead and do it.

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