Schuyler Koven

Schuyler Koven, Sales Executive and Baseball Fan

About Schuyler Koven

Schuyler Koven is a distinguished sales executive and account manager with over 20 years of experience. His past positions have included major account manager for Sprint, business account executive with Verizon Wireless, national sales designate at Terminix, inside sales representative for America II Electronics, Inc., and regional account manager with Schuyler Koven is currently working as a sales associate with Coldwell Banker in Atlanta.

Schuyler Koven is an avid baseball fan, and he especially enjoys seeing the New York Yankees play. In addition to watching games, he collects baseball cards, and in particular, the autographs from the great names in the sport. Two of his most prized autographs are those of Chris Chambliss, who helped send the Yankees to the World Series in 1976, and Reggie Jackson, known as Mr. October because of his phenomenal post-season record. In addition to enjoying baseball, Schuyler Koven aspires to one day earn his private pilot’s license.

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