Science 9 mLearning

Apps designed to enhance the classroom learning environment


Science360 by
National Science Foundation

What is this? Science360 is a free and unique app designed for the iPad that gives the user access to a large catalogue of science and engineering images and videos as well as news articles from NSF organizations across the globe.

How can it be used? As a teacher, I can use Science360 to include information and visuals on up-to-date and emerging topics in the scientific field related to curriculum concepts. This app allows me to provide relevant information about how curriculum material is applied and represented in the "real world". As well, students can use Science 360 to learn more about a particular topic that interests them or that can be used for a class project or assignment.

Solar Walk by Vito Technology Inc.

What is this? Solar Walk is a 3D solar system model that allows students to navigate between planets, see the planet positions on a specific date and explore the entire Milky Way galaxy. The app provides extensive information on each planet, including size, mass, orbital velocity, history of exploration, composition and geography.

How can it be used? Solar Walk is a great visual companion app for students as they work through the Science 9 unit: Space and Exploration. As well, the app provides a new and engaging way for students to explore curriculum content through an interactive mobile environment.

Similar apps: Solar Walk costs $2.99 and is designed for both iOS & Android devices. Similar solar system apps for either Android or iOS, that range in price, are: Solar System Scope, Solar Explorer HD and Star Walk.

Elements by Tapps Tecnologia

What is this? Elements is a free and challenging quiz app for all the elements in the periodic table. It has two difficulty settings (hard and easy) and can quiz the user on either matching the name of the element to its image on the periodic table, or vis versa. The app also contains a master list of all the elements with basic information (atomic weight, state, period, group and when discovered) as well as a link to view the element on Wikipedia or WolframAlpha.

How can it be used? Elements is a great quick and easy tool for students to use as a study guide for the Science 9 Unit: Matter and Chemical Change. The app also provides students a list of all the elements with basic information, which can be used as a reference while working through curriculum material.

Similar apps: Elements is a very basic app, therefore it does not provide a vast amount of information to the user. However, the quiz function of the app is unique and is thus a very useful tool for students. Alternatives to Elements include The Elements, iElements, Periodic Table and Periodic Table Quiz.

Froguts Frog Dissection by Froguts

What is this? Froguts is a realistic 3D dissection simulation app of a Bullfrog designed to provide students comprehensive knowledge on frog anatomy and physiology. It contains two main features: dissection and assessment (with timed quizzes and practices).

How can it be used? Froguts is a great tool that can be used as both a standalone tool or as a reference for students. Froguts can help familiarize students with anatomy and physiology prior to dissection which can increase retention. As well, Froguts provides a great alternative to students who wish to opt-out of live dissections.

Similar apps: Froguts costs $2.99 and is designed for both iOS and Android devices. Similar, but also paid, alternatives to Froguts include Frog Dissection and Kid Science: Frog Dissection.

Flashcards* by Brainscape

What is this? Flashcards* is a free studying application that allows you to create and share your own flashcards. It can be used on any iOS device.

How can it be used? As a teacher I can create sets of flashcards for each science unit and share these with my students to help them prepare for upcoming unit tests. As well, my students can create their own flashcards, with the option to share with the rest of the class. These flashcards can help students study key concepts or portions of a specific unit that they may be having difficulty with.

Similar Apps: There are a variety of apps for both iOS and Android devices, ranging from free all-access apps to paid or subscription based applications. Some alternatives to Flashcards* are AnkiDroid Flashcards, Flashcards, and Flashcards+.

Prezi by Prezi Inc.

What is this? Prezi is a free presentation web 2.0 tool and app that is compatible with windows desktops and iOS devices. The app allows the user to create, edit, share and collaborate on a variety of presentations. The user can chose from a catalogue of pre-made templates or can create their own. Prezis can be downloaded, shared and viewed anytime and anywhere.

How can it be used? Prezi is a fantastic presentation alternative for students. It allows students to create engaging, memorable presentations outside the typical constraints of presentation slides. The app allows students to be more creative, unique and flexible when designing a presentation. Another key feature of the app is the ability for students to collaborate and share their Prezis with the rest of the class.

Similar apps: Prezi offers a creative and unique way to design presentations. Similar presentation apps include Flowboard, Keynote and Powerpoint, though the latter two apps are more constricting in terms of design and creativity.

Socrative by MasteryConnect

What is this? Socrative is a free app for both iOS and Android devices that allows teachers to engage and assess their students using real-time questioning, result aggregation and visualization. There is a separate app for both the teacher and student.

How can it be used? Socrative is a great tool for teachers to collect anonymous feedback and engage students within the classroom. Socrative has a variety of different formats for assessment. Teacher can uses these tools to measure student understanding, collect feedback on a specific topic and provide students with an engaging, and interactive way to work with curriculum material. Students can use any device or browser to respond in real time. As well, teachers can download class & student level reports.

Similar apps: PollEverywhere, Mentimeter and InfuseLearning are other free, real-time audience response web 2.0 tools and apps similar to Socrative.

Remind 101

What is this? Remind 101 is a safe and free app for both iOS and Android devices that allows teachers to send messages to students and stay in touch with parents. Teachers can simply sign up, create a class and start messaging. Students and parents can opt-in to join multiple classes via unique class codes. Both student and teacher phone numbers are kept private, so communication is 100% safe and secure.

How can it be used? Remind 101 is a great tool that allows teachers to connect instantly with students and parents. Teachers can send instant messages to all students (or parents) in the class that can be received as either a text message or email. Teachers can also send scheduling messages (such as exam reminders), photos, files, voice clips directly to students' and parent's mobile devices.

Similar apps: There are not a lot of other safe, classroom friendly apps designed solely for teacher-student communication. However some other apps similar to Remind 101 include ClassDojo and Edmodo