V.C 8B Photography and digital editing

I have been doing photography in class for a few sessions now. I have learnt about composition and the rule/guideline of thirds.  I have achieved some great editing knowledge and I now know how  to take pretty good photos. It is best if you don't put the subject of your picture in the middle of your camera. It is also really good to get different angles to make the picture look unique. Photography class has been extremely fun for me this term.

I chose this specific photo because it shows teamwork and respect. The photo also includes the main football player and the other players. You can see how they stand on a different angle, which is actually quite nice. The main player is also not exactly in the middle.///I don't know anything about sports.

This is the final edited version. I chose a blurry border to represent how an eye looks like. I then added an oval-like tool to make the picture look more real. After that, I added some red and blue lines so the players looked like they had lots of power.

This photo is of a cat on a balcony handle bar. I guess this represents bravery. In this picture, the cat also isn't exactly in the middle. There is a lot of bokeh in the background which makes it look sort of fantasy-like.

And this is the edited version. I made the background and surroundings blurry to make people focus on the cat. Then, I turned everything but the cat into black and white. That was also to get people's attention.

A photo of the tape that blocks the outside world from a crime scene. The words are spread all over the active area of the picture, so it makes the photo look more mysterious and unique.

This is my final edited version of the photo. I made the surroundings hazy to tell the viewer that crime scenes are scary places. After that, I added some red flares to say that blood may be visible at these places. No one should enter a crime scene without permission or bravery/respect.

A nice picture of a peaceful and old looking library. I like how almost everything is equal. The right side has more proportions that make the picture look a little more spacious.

This is the last edit. I made the brightness a little more brighter. I then used some sort of filter that consists of brown and pink. The brown represents a warm and comfy library while the pink means that it's still a joyful place where imaginations can go wild.

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