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To me,my family is important and i love them.My parents tell me i'm crazy. i agree, i act crazy when i want to.I love music!!!! It's my life,i listen to mostly Hip-Hop.I listen to it when i go walking to school and when i go home.My favorite color is obviously purple.When i was on 5th grade,I went to Disney World with my grandparents,brother, and aunt.It was magical! I remember all the people i met, i also remember the awesome rides! I will never for get about that fantastic trip.I have two siblings, Esvan and my baby sister Karyme.I love them both a lot no matter how many times me and my brother fight.I my parents are funny,especially my dad.He makes me giggle.When i'm mad he always makes me laugh a lot.I love to go to my actual home town where my grandparents live.They take me to the amusement park in Amarillo,Tx.I also LOVE to play with my little sister.I like to go to Juarez for their delicious hamburgers. When my dad comes to visit us it's fun around the house.And i could never forget how much i enjoy decorating my nails. I don't know what else to say about myself but i do know i love taking adventures.

midland is where most of my family is and where my dad works

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