Scott Bata - Officer-in-Charge

Scott Bata is a proven leader and logistics expert in the United States Army, and has established himself as a highly efficient and results-driven leader. He understands what it takes to lead a large group of personnel towards the accomplishment of their objectives, and go on to excel in their fields. Scott Bata is a dedicated professional that has earned numerous awards and accomplishments over the last six years. He has shown an unwavering commitment to service throughout his military career.

Scott Bata's last post was that of the Battalion S4 Officer-in-Charge for the 1st Battalion of the 5th Special Forces Group. He held this position from November of 2013 to November of 2014 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. As the S4 Officer, Bata was both the leader and supervisor to a team of six personnel, and was the key advisor to the commander regarding every aspect of multi-functional logistics. As Officer-in-Charge, he was responsible for the management of a multi-million military budget. This budget encompassed multiple accounts, and supported training, equipment and operations and deployments globally for over 600 service members.

As S4 Officer, Scott Bata was able to identify discrepancies in budgeting by using Microsoft's Office business software to develop important budget analysis systems. Once he was able to identify where the problems were, he was able to make the unit run more efficiently. Scott Bata’s analysis ended up saving his unit nearly --tens of thousands of dollars.

Bata’s other responsibilities as S4 Officer included conducting regular inspections of subordinate units in order to ensure proper policies, procedures and logistics were being utilized, as well as the facilitation and supervision of both foreign and domestic travel, which supported both the training and operations for more than 600 service members.

Scott Bata - Accounting Degree from Arkansas Tech

Scott Bata started off his career working towards becoming a professional accountant. He graduated from Arkansas Tech University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He entered the field of accounting and quickly became an enthusiastic accounting professional, obtaining invaluable experience in the field working for several firms local firms. He then found a greater calling, and decided to become a dedicated member of the United States military, building an accomplished service career that has spanned more than six years.

In 2005, Scott Bata earned an accounting degree from Arkansas Tech by the end of the year secured a job as a professional Staff Accountant for Danville’s Chambers Bank. He was responsible for many aspects of the firm’s daily functions, including serving as the institution’s Budget Officer, which allowed him to acquire experience in the use of Profit Star budget software. Scott Bata also obtained experience in areas such as Accounts Payable, Profit/Loss, Daily Deposits/Loan Roll-ups, Income Statements, Balance Sheets and more. He worked as an accountant at Chambers’ for just over a year before accepting a similar position with Moore & Aikman, CPA in January of 2007.

Scott Bata gained experience in the various areas of public accounting while acting as a Staff Accountant for Moore & Aikman, CPA. At the firm, his responsibilities included auditing and financial statements, Personal Tax services and Business Accounting, which he provided to clients using the PeachTree accounting systems. He stayed with Moore & Aikman until July 2007, when he expected a full-time position with Danville’s Chamberlyne Country Club. He assumed all of the Accounting duties for the Club in December of 2007.

Scott Bata - An Expert Logistician and Business Professional

Scott Bata is a highly dedicated and highly motivated professional who has spent the last six years serving within the United States Army. He gained an immense amount of experience, training, and necessary skills to be able to manage complicated budgets and logistical systems. Through out every aspect of his life, he has dedicated himself fully to being successful no matter the challenge at hand. Both in high school and college he excelled not only in academics, but in extracurricular activities as well. During his high school career, he participated in a number of sports including track and field, golf, basketball, and baseball. He was named Arkansas River Valley Scholar Athlete of the Year during his senior of high school before pursuing his collegiate education at the prestigious Arkansas Tech University. He was also named the Arkansas River Valley Coaches Choice Scholar Athlete of the Year for his junior and senior years. He once again excelled in academics during his collegiate career and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and accounting. Scott was able to use his educational training and degree in business accounting to pursue a successful position as the staff accountant and budget officer for Chambers Bank in Danville, Arkansas in 2005. He would later move on to be the staff accountant at Moore and Aikman, CPA a year later. Before enlisting in the United States Army in 2008, he was the Accountant for Chamberlyne Country Club.

Scott Bata has received top training from some of the United States Military’s most dedicated and accomplished officers. Their guidance in all aspects of his United States Army career has turned him into a valuable asset for any company in any industry currently operating in corporate America today. He is highly decorated for his excellent leadership abilities and his work ethic, which drove him down the path of success. Scott Bata is dedicated to seeing his transition to civilian life be as smooth as possible, and he is confident that it will be just that. He hopes to one day pursue his dream of being the head of logistics for a Fortune 500 company and use the skills he learned while serving as a Captain in the United States Army. He also intends to return to school in order to pursue his Master’s degree in business administration to combine with his already achieved Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and accounting.

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