Scott Krautman - Marketing Executive

Scott Krautman

Scott Krautman graduated Florida Gulf Coast University in 2004 with a degree in marketing, and proceeded to work at several firms before landing a sales and marketing executive spot at a small TV station in West Palm Beach, Florida. Now in his third year on the job, he is happy to be putting his education to good use.

“Much of what I learned about marketing I have put to use, but it’s fascinating how much more I’ve learned on the job,” he says. At the TV station, he is responsible for coming up with sales packages and marketing strategies that bring in new clients and keep existing ones happy. He has been successful so far, and the station is enjoying a period of increased revenues, thanks in part to Scott Krautman strategies.

"Most of the time, marketing is about figuring what benefit or value you offer the customer and demonstrating it to them. The premise is the same, regardless of industry: demonstrate value to the client, and they will be willing to hear more." He says that often the best way to do this is to take the customer's point of view.

“Put yourself in the client’s shoes, and you will have a good idea how to approach them," he continues. Since 2012, Scott Krautman has enjoyed establishing beneficial relationships with clients, and emphasizes the importance of keeping clients happy. He doesn’t plan to work at the station for long, and is eyeing a move up the ladder to a major sports network like ESPN.

Scott Krautman - Committed to a Career in Television

Scott Krautman is a highly dedicated and highly motivated individual with the ability to succeed as a professional marketer in any professional industry. He has had a lengthy and successful career in the professional world today with the promise of only rising further through ranks professional television. He is currently working as a sales and marketing professional for a small television program based in West Palm Beach, Florida, near his home.

He is currently working as the head of the station’s sales department and is responsible for developing unique marketing techniques for clients of the station. More specifically, he is charged with developing and enhancing working relationships with current customers and new clients. He regularly creates sales packages and marketing strategies to meet prospective clients’ objectives. Not only is he able to complete complicated tasks on time, but he is also able to regularly meet his company’s individual sales goals while managing the entire sales department.

Scott received his undergraduate education at the prestigious institution known as the Florida Gulf Coast University. He was an exceptional student and always made a note to go above and beyond in his studies at the Lutgert College of Business. He believes that his position now as the head of the sales department of the television station in West Palm Beach, could be a major stepping stone in his career and may even lead to a major position at ESPN. He thoroughly enjoys sports and hopes to combine his professional career with his personal interests.

Scott Krautman has always been interested in competitive sports. He can remember growing up and always watching Sports Center on ESPN in the mornings with his father before he had to go to school. His love for sports only continued to grow as he progressed in age, and he was always participating in sports during school. In high school, he played starting defensive end for the football team but was unable to compete at the college level due to his lack of size for the position.

He also was very talented in the sport of golf and led his high school team to victory during numerous tournaments. Scott Krautman still enjoys the world of competitive sports and hopes to use his professional degree to pursue a career working in the television sporting industry. His goal is to one day work for a station like ESPN so that he can be involved in sports and marketing at the same time.

Scott Krautman - Dedicated to a Career Working with Sports

Scott Krautman is known for his work ethic and his drive to succeed no matter what endeavor he chooses to undertake. He is highly intelligent and determined to make it professional as an expert sales and marketing executive. He is currently living and working in West Palm Beach, Florida where is the head of a sales department for a small television station in the area. He is an expert in sales and has held several positions that have earned him invaluable experiences in the professional world. As the head of sales for the television program, he is responsibilities include creating sales packages and marketing strategies in order to meet prospective clients’ needs, he must meet individual sales goals on a regular basis as any member of the sales team, he is responsible for increasing the company’s overall gross revenue by developing new business opportunities for the company, and conducting himself in accordance with good business principles that honor the company as a whole. Scott graduated and earned his undergraduate degree in marketing from the prestigious institution known as the Florida Gulf Coast University and in the Lutgert College of Business, which is a school inside the university itself. While in college, he met his wife whom he would later start a family with. All his success is devoted to them, and they act as his motivation to work hard on a daily basis. He hopes to one day climb the ranks of the television industry and work for a major station like ESPN.

Scott Krautman is dedicated to his career as a sales and marketing executive within the television industry. He understands how the professional television industry works and believes that he has the skills necessary to be successful working as an executive for a major television program like ESPN. Scott Krautman has always been interested in the world of competitive sports. Growing up, he was always involved and active in school sports like golf, tennis, and football. He played defensive end in high school but could not pursue his football career due to his lack of size for college competition. However, he played golf at the Florida Gulf Coast University and was publicly recognized for his abilities on the golf course. He could have pursued his career in competitive golf but decided to choose a career path with more security. Although he no longer participates in sports competitively, he still likes to get together with friends in order to start some friendly competition.

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