Scott Bata - US Army Captain

Scott Bata

Scott Bata - 2013-2014 S4 Officer

Scott Bata has shown an unwavering commitment to service throughout his military career; a dedication that has earned him numerous accomplishments and accommodations over the last six years. A proven leader and logistics expert in the United States Army, Bata has established himself as a capable and results-driven leader; someone who understands what is needed to lead a large group of personnel towards the accomplishment of their objectives.

Scott Bata was most recently the Battalion S4 Officer-in-Charge for the 1st Battalion of the 5th Special Forces Group, a position he held at Fort Campbell, Kentucky from November of 2013 to November of 2014. As the S4 Officer, Bata provided leadership and supervision to a team of six personnel, and was the key advisor to the commander regarding every aspect of multi-functional logistics. As Officer-in-Charge, he oversaw the management of a multi-million military budget, one that spanned over multiple accounts that supported training, deployments, equipment and operations globally for more than 600 service members.

As S4 Officer, Scott Bata also used Microsoft Office business software to develop important budget analysis systems, those that identified discrepancies in budgeting and which eventually led to greater efficiencies. All in all, Bata’s systems ended up saving his unit tens of thousands of dollars.

Bata’s other responsibilities as S4 Officer included conducting regular inspections of subordinate units in order to ensure proper policies, procedures and logistics were being utilized, as well as the facilitation and supervision of both foreign and domestic travel, which supported both the training and operations for more than 600 service members.

Scott Bata - Devoted to His Professional Career in Logistics

Scott Bata is a devoted professional who is currently in the process of making the switch from decorated United States Army Captain, to civilian pursuing a career in corporate America. He was inspired to join the United States Army for the benefits, experience, and training the Army provides its recruits and the help they can give to their decorated veterans. While serving in the Army over the course of last six years, he was in charge of an immense military budget amount to millions of dollars, as well as various operational logistics systems including maintenance programs, inspection programs, military budgeting, and deployment matters.

His time spent in the United States Army has been nothing but beneficial and will serve to elevate his status through out his career in corporate America. However, Scott’s success within the United States Army comes as no surprise to those who know him well. Through out his entire life, he has always dedicated himself fully to the tasks set before him. Through out both his high school and collegiate careers he was publicly recognized for being an honorable student, talented athlete, and mature individual.

He participated in a number of sports during his high school career and excelled in them all. His sporting events including golf, track and field, basketball, and baseball. He was named the Arkansas River Valley Coaches Choice Scholar Athlete of the Year for both his junior and senior years, and was named the Arkansas River Valley Scholar Athlete of the Year for his senior year.

Scott Bata has received top training from some of the United States Military’s most dedicated and accomplished officers. Their guidance in all aspects of his United States Army career has turned him into a valuable asset for any company in any industry currently operating in corporate America today. He is highly decorated for his excellent leadership abilities and his work ethic, which drove him down the path of success.

Scott Bata is dedicated to seeing his transition to civilian life be as smooth as possible, and he is confident that it will be just that. He hopes to one day pursue his dream of being the head of logistics for a Fortune 500 company and use the skills he learned while serving as a Captain in the United States Army. He also intends to return to school in order to pursue his Master’s degree in business administration to combine with his already achieved Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and accounting.

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