Scott Brittenham

CEO of Clean Energy Capital

About Scott Brittenham

Since 2003, when he cofounded the company, Scott Brittenham has served as the president and CEO of Clean Energy Capital LLC, a Tucson, Arizona, firm that actively pursues investments in the biofuels, biomass, renewable chemicals, and agribusiness sectors. In his role with the company, Scott Brittenham has helped raise more than $140 million in investment capital from over 600 investors.

A graduate of the University of Nebraska with a degree in finance and economics, Scott Brittenham has extensive experience in the investment industry. He joined Salomon Brothers in 1981, beginning at the mortgage bond trading desk, and later became one of the firm’s youngest vice presidents. He later worked as a senior vice president of investments for Prudential Securities, as well as a vice president of First Boston Corporation and the managing director of Bear Sterns.

Scott Brittenham serves on the board of directors of several biofuels companies, and he is the chairman of the Audit and Risk Management Committee of one the largest biofuels companies in the United States. He is also a member of the National Board of Advisors at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management.

Scott Brittenham - The University of Kansas' Bill Self

The cofounder, president, and chief executive officer of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, Scott Brittenham utilizes his experience in investment banking to assess and fund biofuels companies and other renewable energy businesses. To relax, Scott Brittenham follows University of Kansas athletics and particularly men's basketball.

For over a decade, Bill Self has brought numerous victories to the Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball team. During his 11 years with the organization, his teams have won 82.5 percent of their games, as well as a national championship and 10 consecutive regular-season Big-12 Conference titles. Moreover, while with the team, he obtained his 500th all-time win in an NCAA Tournament game against Iowa State.

Prior to joining the University of Kansas, Self served as the head coach of other organizations. His achievements at Oral Roberts University turned the team from an organization with the worst record in the division to one with a winning record in just three years. Subsequently, he successfully coached teams at Tulsa University and the University of Illinois. Among the accolades he has received over the past two decades are five Conference Coach of the Year titles (four of them while with the University of Kansas), three Sporting News National Coach of the Year titles, and several National Coach of the Year titles from various organizations.

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