Scott Hollingsworth

The Foot Institute Management Inc.

About  Scott Hollingsworth

A native of southern Alberta, Canada, Scott Hollingsworth has pursued a career in podiatric medicine and successfully set up practice at the Foot Institute in Alberta, Canada. Specializing in medical, surgical, and preventative treatment of a wide range of conditions of the foot and ankle, Dr. Hollingsworth plays an important role as part of a seven-doctor medical team that serves over 25 clinics throughout two Canadian provinces.

Requiring its physicians to have extensive specialized medical training, the Foot Institute’s doctors each complete an average of 10 years of higher education. Prior to completing his medical degree and a residency in foot and ankle surgery that helped prepare him for his work at the institute, Dr. Hollingsworth earned his bachelor’s degree in pre-med studies from Brigham Young University.

Having returned to Alberta as part of the Foot Institute team, Dr. Hollingsworth helps patients achieve a better quality of life through a high level of care. For more information about the services and treatments that Dr. Hollingsworth and his associates offer, please visit 

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