Scott Johnson

The people of Mesopotamia were very advanced in there days. The invented the wheel and irrigation. Irrigation is a way of supplying a lot of water to a area of land.They used canals to move the water from the Euphrates and Tigris rivers to there land. The wheel was first invented by the Sumerians. They used the wheels to build chariots. Chariots were the first wheeled vehicles to be fought on while riding.They were advanced because of the structure. They had built walls around the city to protect the from harmful animals and enemy's awaiting to attack. They had to farm all of the crops outside of the walls because they couldn't take down and extend the wall. These walls also protected them from the numerous and furious floods from the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. They were also advanced because the invented the first system of writing.The first system of writing was called cuneiform. It was a clay tablet written on with a stylus or sharp tool to make etched in symbols. Hammurabi's code/law was the first to actually be written on with stone. There were exactly 282 of these laws displayed out in the open with the consequences on it also. These are three out of a list of many reasons why Mesopotamian's were very advanced in there days.

This is the system of irrigation from the Mesopotamian's known as the first system to guide water through canals.
These are two of the wheels invented by the Sumerians.
This is the first system of writing known as Cuneiform ( The first writing was done on a clay table etched with a stylus)