Scott Kimple

Owner at Warrington mgt. l.p.

About Scott Kimple

Scott Kimple is an accomplished financial management professional in Dallas. He currently holds the positions of principal and portfolio manager with Warrington Asset Management Corp., a commodity trading advisor. Highly experienced in a range of trading techniques, he holds a distinctive career history selling uncovered options and taking futures positions. Despite his success with these relatively risky techniques, Scott Kimple credits his overall career success to the slow, methodical approach that he has developed over the years.

His career in financial business dates back to 1984 when he began trading stocks and bonds for his personal account. He subsequently joined Shearson Lehman in 1991 as a trading assistant to a managed futures fund trader. Prior to establishing his career with Warrington Asset Management, Scott Kimple became a registered representative trading discretionary futures and options accounts. Educated at Southern Methodist University, Scott Kimple holds a bachelor of business administration and a master of business administration with a concentration in finance and derivative securities.                            

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