Scott Krautman - Southwest Florida Fishing

Scott Krautman is a Florida native who says that some of his earliest memories in life involve being in a small skiff with his father, and fishing the state's inland waters.

Fishing is an activity that he enjoys to this day, and hopes to pass along to his own children. While he grew up in the Ocala area, he currently lives in West Palm Beach, where he is a sales and marketing executive for a small television station. He became familiar with the fishing in Florida's southwest region as a student at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, and came to recognize it as some of the finest fishing the state has to offer.

Known to its practitioners as backwater fishing, or sometimes backcountry fishing, it involves the extensive network of bays, mangrove islands and tidal creeks. The area encompasses Charlotte, Lee, and Collier counties, and its favorable climate and other amenities have made it one of the fastest growing areas in the entire state.

When Scott Krautman is angling in this region he is after four fish in particular: the snook, redfish, spotted sea trout, and the tarpon. As he knows, these are among the most sought-after gamefish in Florida; they are so prized that to catch one of each in a single day is the pinnacle of this type of fishing, and is known as a grand slam.

Other fish common to this area are large mouth bass and pan fish. The bass, says Scott Krautman, are most often caught during the winter months because the fish are more active in their feeding.

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