Scott Leese

SVP of Sales at OutboundEngine

        About Scott Leese               

A veteran executive sales team manager in the startup technology sphere, Scott Leese holds responsibilities as Main Street Hub’s Vice President of Sales. The Austin, Texas, online media firm offers innovative services that allow businesses to easily connect with their local customer base. Scott Leese’s particular focus is in providing results-oriented pathways for small enterprises to flourish in an era of socially networked media.

Graduating from Dominican University of California in San Rafael in 1999, Mr. Leese earned his Master’s degree in Educational Technology at Arizona State University in Tempe. He returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to launch his career, initially taking a sales position with the Silicon Valley startup Reply! Inc. As top salesperson within the company in 2005, he earned Employee of the Year recognition and a promotion to responsibilities as Sales Manager. In this capacity, Scott Leese led the firm’s top-performing sales team, growing from eight to 20 representatives and increasing production by 300 percent within one year. Establishing new corporate sales records, he undertook product improvements, sales manager recruiting, and focused coaching and training. Mr. Leese completed his time at Reply! Inc. as Senior Sales Manager, directing the efforts of a team of 75 professionals in cold calling, prospecting, negotiating, and closing sales.

From 2007 to 2010, Scott Leese held concurrent roles as Vice President of Sales with LeapFish and DotNext Inc., helping the startup firms grow into successful online advertising ventures. He next took responsibilities as Vice President of Sales with Santa Rosa-based Democrasoft Inc., overseeing the sales and business development functions of a firm offering an innovative SaaS model product. In his free time, Scott Leese enjoys traveling and outdoor activities such as running, surfing, tennis, and soccer.                              

Preventing Soccer Injuries

Responsible for the entire sales operations as a senior vice president at OutboundEngine, Scott Leese has been working with and growing the Texas-based company since 2013. An avid sports fan, Scott Leese participated in two sports in college and enjoys playing soccer.

It is estimated that close to 500,000 soccer-related injuries occur annually, from sprained ankles and knees to overuse injuries like shin splints. Fortunately, many such injuries can be prevented. Maintaining a good fitness level is one of the best ways of reducing risk of injury among soccer players. Staying in good shape means players have better balance, flexibility, and strength. These facilitate stability during the game and ensure the muscles can handle the strain. Additionally, warming up before games and practice, along with cooling down afterwards, further reduces the risk of injury.

During the actual game, there are also several ways players can reduce injuries. For one thing, wearing the proper shin guards prevents bone fractures and lowers the amount of force that the body places on the leg. Beyond that, staying hydrated before, during, and after the game helps players avoid any dehydration-related injuries. Finally, keeping the field clear and padding goal posts reduce injuries caused by objects. Although referees are often left in charge of checking the field, having another set of eyes ensures nothing was missed.

The Value of Team-Building Activities

Scott Leese has directed teams of sales representatives at companies throughout California and Texas. As a sales manager, Scott Leese is responsible for helping his sales teams meet goals and remain motivated to perform their best. Many sales leaders use team-building activities to strengthen the bond of the staff.

Many team-building activities exist, but not all are effective. Good team-building exercises have a clear objective, a blueprint for accomplishing a goal, and a process that requires help from everyone involved. Healthy competition is also a crucial element of team building. It is important to create activities that motivate participants to do their best while still showing respect for their peers. Having a positive leader helps to diffuse any competitive tension.

Team-building activities are not synonymous with social gatherings. While bringing employees together around drinks or dinner is beneficial, these meetings do not carry the same requirements for critical thinking or personal involvement as team building does. If the activities are designed well, they will have a positive, lasting effect on all who participate, and the lessons learned will be evident at work, home, and play.

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