Scott Sedor

officer With NYC police department


Based in New York City, Scott W. Sedor currently serves as a Police Officer in the Department of Personnel’s Medical Division. In this role, he fulfills multiple duties, including coordinating departmental health fairs, ensuring compliance with OSHA and PESH requirements, and administering the department’s drug screening units for various individuals. In addition, Scott W. Sedor holds primary responsibility for ensuring the completion of medical screenings for officers and civilian title candidates.

Graduating from the Police Academy in 1985, Scott W. Sedor has worked in numerous divisions of the City of New York Police Department. As a member of the Queens Task Force, working in plain clothes at Shea Stadium, he focused on alcohol enforcement. Subsequently, Sedor joined the Movie and Television Unit’s Special Operation Division. In this capacity, he ensured production professionals obtained the necessary permits, oversaw operations during filming, and served as a liaison between local officials, residents, and industry professionals.

In 1997, Sedor transferred to the School Safety Division, where he sought to reduce crime through analysis and data tracking. He also provided instruction to a security force focusing on the Board of Education. In his next post, Scott W. Sedor returned to the Police Academy and assumed an executive development role. For one year, he supervised and managed speaker presentations, researched and created new courses, and contacted and scheduled speakers while considering budget requirements.

Outside of his professional life, Scott W. Sedor supports the North Shore Animal League America and charities assisting wounded soldiers and veterans. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about the Civil War and the Old West, fishing and appreciating vintage automobiles, especially the 1967 Oldsmobile 442. 

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