Scott Storrer

Considerable Leadership Experience

About Scott Storrer

Scott Storrer is the president and chief executive officer of RID Ventures, LLC, in Philadelphia. In this capacity, he has played an executive role in the growth and development of two RID Ventures companies: FirstLab and Genomind. Furthermore, Scott Storrer has played a role in the acquisition of industry competitors.

FirstLab specializes in employer-oriented services such as substance abuse testing and background checks. Scott Storrer boosted the company’s revenues by about 25 percent each year by improving customer service and revamping product offerings, and through international expansion. In addition, he brought Genomind up from a startup to a growth company in three years. The firm’s core competency lies in molecular diagnostic tests for behavioral health conditions.

Prior to these accomplishments, Scott Storrer served as chief operations officer, sharing responsibility for three of Cigna's divisions: international, healthcare, and group insurance. Changing the company's focus from business-to-business to business-to-consumer earned him an industry customer experience award. He also created strategies for Cardinal Health, Inc, and engineered turnaround efforts for the company.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Storrer made significant strides at Liberty Mutual Group. Prior to that, he graduated from Boston University with an MBA in finance and international management.

Cradle of Liberty Council Receives Grant to Save Warblers

Global president of Strand Life Sciences, Scott Storrer honed his executive leadership skills with such companies as Genomind and FirstLab. He leverages his background to oversee strategic and operational initiatives. Additionally, Scott Storrer offers his expertise to the Boy Scouts of America, where he serves as an executive committee member on the Cradle of Liberty Council.

In 2013 the Cradle of Liberty Council announced a new grant that allows the local Boy Scouts of America team to create a habitat for the golden-winged warbler. The grant, through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), offers critical funding that will keep the bird from being listed as an endangered species.

In a press release, the council stated that the three-year project includes forestry mowing, treating ferns with herbicides, and cutting pole-sized patches of trees. This work will be implemented across 100 acres of Resica Falls Scout Reservation land. With the guidance of council executive board members and a consulting forester from Woodland Management Services, Inc., the group expects warblers to visit the new habitat and utilize it as a breeding site, therefore preserving the livelihood of the species.