Weld Steel Pipes in This Way Please


Although the welded steel pipe is easy to be found, many people do not know how to weld the steel pipe actually. Frankly, to weld steel pipe is to join the different steel pipes together to meet different work requirements. And welding pipes together is also t he most simple and durable way to join pipes together. You can weld it with metal inert gas, tungsten inert gas or stick metal arc welding. Ensure that there is no gaps between two pipes before welding two pipes together.

Step 1
Prepare things that you will need, like clamps, welding tool, and so forth.

Step 2
Align the pipes you need to weld and hold them together by using clamps if required.

Step 3
You should fire your welding torch or strike your welding electrode on the steel to open an arc between the welding tool and pipes. Allow the torch to form a small welding puddle on the surface of the steel, called a tack weld.

Step 4
Make another welding puddle elsewhere on the circumference of the pipes and move the arc slightly. You should go on moving the arc and creating more welding puddles until you have formed a series of tack welds at regular intervals along the circumference.

Step 5
Then you are advised to move the welding tool thoroughly along the circumference of the pipes to create a welding puddle that extends fully around the circumference and connects the 2 pipes together. The black steel pipe and API steel pipe are also available. Extinguish the arc and allow the welding puddle several minutes to dry.

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