Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Blog 3

The third and last cultural assumption of the adventures of Huckle berry Finn that Twain presents is social class. Twain presents this through theme.

The theme is about over coming societies expectations and racism, which is carried throughout the book. At the start of the book Huck's guardian Widow Douglas tries to civilize Huck so he can fit in with society and abide by there expectations. However Huck is constantly faced with the choice of acting by societies rules or going against society and doing what's morally right.

An example of this is when Huck is faced with the decision to save Jim from slavery even though he will most likely be shunned by his community doom himself to literal hell if he aids Jim, but goes ahead and does it anyway and says "all right, then, I'll go to hell".

Twain challenges the assumption through Huckleberry going again societies expectations and doing what is the right thing.